Hi, I’m Javi.

I collect art toys since many many years ago. I have lost the track of how many of them I have and mi wife often tells me that one day they are going to organize themselves and plan how to kick us out.

To start making them was the logical next step after collecting them. I guess is my Peter Pan soul that refuses to grow the one that makes me wanna continue playing with toys at my age.

I’m Graphic Designer and I have worked in Advertising for many years. That didn’t help neither I guess. The important thing is that I escaped of that world and now I can do what I really want. Play.

If you want to contact me to order a criatura, just to chat about toys or because you believe we are distant relatives, do it through this form or simply send me an email to info@thecriaturas.com.

If I’m not working in a criatura or with my hands smeared with paint, I will reply shortly.